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One thing we know for sure is that the 815 is a generous community! At One Body Collaboratives, we have a variety of ways that community members can help their neighbors facing a hardship.  

Support Our Gap Ministries
One Body Collaboratives partners with ten local churches that host Gap Ministries.  These churches help to fill a gap in community services and provide items such as: personal care items, household items, linens, paper products, clothing, food and more.  Each year our Gap Ministries provide needed items to over 650 local families.  Without the support of these ministries many times these families would simply go without these basic needs being met. You can help support these Gap Ministries by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List, linked here, the items will be drop shipped directly to our offices.  You can also purchase gift cards to local stores such as Walmart, Meijer, Target, etc. or a Visa Gift Card, and send them to us at One Body Collaboratives, PO Box 1633, Rockford, IL 61110.  We will then purchase the needed items and donate them to our Gap Ministries. For more information on our Gap Ministries, click here.

You can provide a gift card directly to One Body Collaboratives which we will provide to a family in need:    

  • Go Fund! - This fund provides a gift card to a local gas station or bus passes. We provide these to families who are in need of transportation to a medical appointment, court appointment, appointment with a social worker, or to their place of employment.  Simply purchase a fuel gift card at any local gas station, a Visa Gift Card, or bus passes from RMTD (website linked here to purchase bus passes), and send them to us at One Body Collaboratives, PO Box 1633, Rockford, IL 61110.  

  • Grocery Assistance - This fund provides gift cards to local families from local grocery stores for those experiencing food insecurity.  Gift cards from local grocery stores, or Visa Gift Cards, can be sent to us at One Body Collaboratives, PO Box 1633, Rockford, IL 61110. 

  • Medical Fund - This fund is established to cover the cost of prescriptions, as well as to provide basic medical supplies to an individual.  CVS Pharmacy sells Rx gift cards at their stores locally, or online HERE. Simply purchase a CVS Rx gift card, or a Visa Gift Card, and send them to us at One Body Collaboratives, PO Box 1633, Rockford, IL 61110. 

     Or, Click here to donate directly to One Body Collaboratives through PayPal.  Your generous donations allows us to continue to provide these       
     needed services to families in our community.

About Us
One Body Collaboratives partners with over 100 local churches, 40 ministries, and more than 120 local agencies and nonprofits.  Individuals are referred to us through a church or case manager at an agency they are working with because that church or agency cannot meet the need the individual or family may have.  We complete an in-depth intake with each person who calls our Resource Coordination Center.  The intake helps us to determine the validity of the need, as well as how we can best help.  All needs are verified through our process. 

For additional information on One Body Collaboratives, view our website linked here. 


One Body Collaboratives

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